Таисия Швецова

Taisiya Shvetsova’s painting is at times reverent and vulnerable and sometimes monumental and simple has some unexplainable latent feelings whose power can’t but impress everyone. The gift of God is combined in the paintress with the untutored modesty, creative fertility, craving for beauty and the complete absence of academic artistic education. However, this makes her pictures more original and interesting. The everlasting search and doubts make her find new subjects for her pictures, immersing us into this festival given by the generous hand of Taisiya Alexandrovna Shvetsova.


Works of Taisiya Shvetsova

The Picture-show




 The Pskovian paintress Taisiya Alexandrovna Shvetsova was born in 1937 in Steshkovo village of the Vologda region. In 1945 she lost her parents. She was brought up in the Kirillov orphanage of the Vologda region. There she got the secondary education. That she graduated from the Pskov Teachers' Training Institute and worked as a teacher of Russian and literature in a village school, than as a librarian and a history teacher in a secondary school. Since 1951 she has been living in Pskov.

T.A.Shvetsona has no special artistic education. She deals with painting since 1996. She carries out exhibition activities. some of her personal picture-shows took place in the Pskov Museum. In 2000 her first personal picture-show took place in the Museum of Naive Art in Moscow. She is also a participant of two travelling expositions of the Museum of Naive Art 'Puskin's Images in the Art of Naive Artists of Russia' (1999) and 'And I Saw The New Sky' (2001). in 2004 and 2007 she participated in Moscow International festivals of naive art and the art of outsiders 'Festnaive-04', 'Festnaive-07'. In 2008 two more presonal picture-shows of the paintress took place in Pskov and Viliandi (Estonia). In 2009 she had picture-shows in St.-Petersburg Museum of the Creative Association 'Mitki', Musem 'Tsarskoselskaya Kollektsiya', Puskin town, and the Naive Art Museum of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.
Works of the paintress are kept in funds of the Pskov Historical Museum, Museim of Naive Art (Moscow), In Russian and foreigh provate collections


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